What is bfree2be?

bfree2be is an eLearning or electronic learning platform, whereby we aim to provide the delivery of learning and training through digital resources. Although eLearning is based on formalised learning, it is provided through electronic devices such as computers, tablets and even mobile phones that are connected to the internet. This makes it easy for users to learn anytime, anywhere, with few, if any, restrictions.

The greatest thing about eLearning is that you the 'user' are in the drivers seat, setting the pace for your learning needs. All our courses and modules have been specifically designed with this in mind.

bfree2be - Life Musing's (blog)

Our life experiences fall out of our life skill set. How we experience life is a reflection of what we have previously learnt and what we will learn in the moment.

In this blog I share my thoughts and reflections on all things life and what I have learnt along the way!